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A New Free Gujarati Entertainment Platform

For enthusiasts of Gujarati entertainment, there’s a new player in town – JOJO, an OTT platform aiming to carve its niche in the world of regional content streaming. With a diverse selection ranging from movies to shows, plays, documentaries, and more, JOJO promises to be a one-stop destination for those seeking authentic Gujarati entertainment experiences.

What sets JOJO apart from other platforms is its commitment to keeping things fresh. Through weekly updates, subscribers can expect a continuous stream of new content, ensuring that there’s always something exciting to watch. With over 10,000 titles and 1000+ hours of content available, JOJO boasts an impressive library that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences.


From gripping blockbuster movies to insightful documentaries, JOJO offers a wide range of genres to explore. Whether you’re in the mood for a heartwarming play or a thought-provoking show, JOJO has something for everyone in the family.

Accessibility is another key feature of JOJO, as it can be accessed seamlessly across multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and WebOS-enabled TVs. This means that viewers can enjoy their favorite content anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of JOJO is its free subscription model. In an era where streaming services often come with hefty price tags, JOJO’s decision to offer its content for free is a refreshing change. This makes Gujarati entertainment accessible to a wider audience, without the need for financial commitment.

While JOJO’s entry into the market is certainly intriguing, only time will tell how it fares in the competitive world of OTT platforms. However, for fans of Gujarati entertainment looking for convenience, variety, and affordability, JOJO presents an enticing new option worth exploring.

App Description

JOJO PAR JOJO! JOJO serves as your ultimate destination for the latest Gujarati series and movies. A weekly updating library featuring 1000+ hours of Gujarati movies and web series with 10000+ titles! Immerse yourself in a diverse range of offerings, including blockbuster Gujarati movies, captivating Gujarati web series, engaging Gujarati TV serials, heartwarming Natak performances, thought-provoking documentaries and soulful Gujarati melodies, all carefully curated to cater to every member of your family. Revolutionize your streaming experience for every Gujarati all around the globe.

Dive headfirst into a plethora of options, from Gujarati comedy series to classic Gujarati movies, heartwarming family Gujarati series, reality shows that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, eye-opening documentaries, and soulful melodies. We’ve meticulously curated everything to cater to every member of your family.

Revolutionize your streaming escapades with JOJO which has all the new Gujarati family series, connecting Gujaratis around the globe with a one-stop-shop for endless entertainment! Whether you’re swiping through on your trusty phone or lounging with your laptop, Smart TV, or Fire TV – we’ve got your back!

So, what makes JOJO- the Gujarati web series app; stand out from the crowd?

Gujarat’s Entertainment Revolution:
Kem cho Gujarat? We’re here to make your content viewing experience unforgettable, dropping a hot new title every week. Brace yourself for epic blockbusters like Saiyar Mori Re, 3 Ekka, G, Char Fera nu chakdol, Family Circus, Veer Isha nu Seemant, starring your favorite artists like Malhar Thakar, Yash Soni, Sanjay Goradia, Vikram Thakor, Mayur Chauhan, Monal Gajjar, Smit Pandya, Puja Josi, Kinjal Rajpriya, and many more shining stars!

Evergreen Classics:
For all you old-school Gujarati movie lovers, we’ve got your back! Dive into our Evergreen Classics featuring stars like Naresh Kanodia, Firoz Irani, Sneh Latta, Aruna Irani, and many more in movies like Sampurna MahaBharat, Dholi, Vat Vachan ne Ver, Parnaya atle Pyara Laadi, and 50+ more to give you nostalgic vibes from the Golden period of Gujarati Cinema.

Variety of Shows:
JOJO App is your ticket to top-notch Gujarati web-series, engaging non-fictional shows, light-hearted miniseries, and thought-provoking documentary series. Get ready for a world-class entertainment experience with titles like Medal, Satya, Stocks, Rebound, Super Dogs, Yuddh, Vastu Logic, Aaje Shu Banavu, Best of The Comedy Factory, Best of Jitu Mangu, and much more.

Natak: Heartbeat of Gujarati Entertainment
Gujarati plays are a reflection of tradition and culture, offering a variety of emotions and thought-provoking life lessons. Enjoy these theatrical wonders with the whole family.

Vibe with JOJO Music Videos:
For all the music lovers out there, JOJO App has a special section just for you! Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of music videos from your favorite singers like Sachin Jiggar, Kinjal Dave, Mahesh Vanzara, Vikram Thakor, Umesh Barot, and more! Create your own playlist and vibe to your heart’s content.

And the best part? JOJO App offers all this premium entertainment without charging any fees to viewers. Because we believe entertainment is everyone’s right! Enjoy our premium content on any device, including your Smart TV, and relish personalized recommendations as you watch anytime, anywhere. Badha mate Badhu j Free!!!

Saiyed Irfan

Irfan Saiyed, the founder of @ItechIrfan, has become a notable figure in the tech segment on YouTube, with an impressive subscriber base of 1.82 million and counting. Based in Bharuch, Gujarat, India, Irfan was born on 6th July 1986 and has established himself as a trusted voice in the world of technology.

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