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The Google I/O conference begins on May 14th.

Google’s big I/O developer conference is to start on May 14, and you can catch all the action online. Get ready for some cool stuff, like new AI tricks, maybe Android 15, and even the possibility of a Pixel 8a.

This year, Google’s really into artificial intelligence, especially with all the talk about their Gemini chatbot and AI image maker. But they’ve got competition, with companies like OpenAI and Microsoft doing cool stuff with AI too.

Google’s trying to keep up, but they’ve got some catching up to do. They’ve rolled out some new AI search features, but they’re not quite there yet.

At I/O 2024, we’re expecting to hear about Android 15 and updates to things like Google Photos and Gmail. And hey, maybe they’ll surprise us with a new Pixel phone, like they did last year with the Pixel 7a.

Also, stay alert for discussions on Android XR, especially following the buzz surrounding Apple’s Vision Pro. This suggests Google might have some exciting updates or announcements regarding extended reality technology at the conference.

As the event draws nearer, more information about the schedule will become available. However, you can already register for free online. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay updated on the newest developments from Google!

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