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Instagram Testing New Feature: “Post to the Past”

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature called “post to the past,” which would allow users to schedule posts for earlier dates. This means you could make it look like a post was created on a day before today. Currently, the feature is in the beta phase, and it seems like it will be primarily available to business users.

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, who discovered this feature, it can be accessed from the share menu on Instagram, located above the boost post option. With “post to the past,” users can select a specific date and time from the calendar to schedule their post. However, it’s uncertain whether Instagram will disclose if a post has been backdated or if this information will remain hidden.

While the “post to the past” feature could potentially lead to confusion, it might also benefit users who wish to make it seem like they posted something earlier than they actually did.

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Aside from this upcoming feature, Instagram is also testing other new functionalities. Users may soon be able to share files through direct messages, and the platform is working on introducing new Story formats like “Shot” and camera modes like “Pop-mode.” Additionally, Instagram is exploring a feature inspired by Snapchat, allowing users to share their real-time location with friends through an encrypted Friend Map.

Snapchat Friends Map Image used for visual representation.

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