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LinkedIn Explores Gaming: A New Era in Professional Networking?

LinkedIn, the go-to platform for professionals worldwide, is shaking things up by considering adding video games. While opinions vary, this marks a big change in how we network professionally.

Reports suggest LinkedIn is tinkering with the idea of letting users play games while browsing content and job hunting. Though we don’t know when it’ll roll out, it’s a bold step away from LinkedIn’s usual focus on careers.

A source, Nima Owji, uncovered hints in the LinkedIn app’s code, pointing to trials of games like Queens, Inference, and Crossclimb. There’s even talk of ranking companies based on how well their employees play, potentially affecting their visibility on the site.

While LinkedIn confirmed the gaming idea, they’re staying mum on Microsoft’s role and a launch date. Also, the images making rounds aren’t from the latest app version.

The idea of gaming on LinkedIn has stirred debates. Some worry it’ll distract from professional stuff, while others think educational games could actually boost skills while having fun.

This move by LinkedIn makes us rethink how we network professionally. It’s a mix of serious business and entertainment, showing LinkedIn’s readiness to cater to diverse user needs.

In the end, LinkedIn’s dive into gaming signals a big change in professional networking. It’s a journey with challenges and opportunities, and we’re curious to see how it unfolds.

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