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OnePlus Watch 2 Review: A Practical Perspective

OnePlus has made a significant leap with the Watch 2, expanding its product lineup beyond smartphones. While they’ve long been known for their impressive phones, their entry into the smartwatch arena showcases a commitment to innovation and user experience.

The OnePlus Watch 2 boasts a solid build with a weighty feel, making it comfortable to wear throughout the day. Available in two elegant colors, Black Steel and Radiant Steel, it exudes a premium look and feel, complemented by a stainless steel case and 2.5D sapphire crystal glass for durability.

The 1.43-inch AMOLED display delivers vibrant visuals, although it could be brighter outdoors. The inclusion of physical buttons for navigation is a welcome addition, although the rotating crown could have been more functional.

What sets the OnePlus Watch 2 apart is its innovative software approach. By combining Wear OS with a secondary RTOS, OnePlus has managed to optimize battery life without compromising functionality. The co-processor handles basic tasks efficiently, while the main chip kicks in when needed, resulting in impressive battery performance. Additionally, the ability to toggle between smartwatch and fitness tracker modes offers users a customizable experience.

OnePlus Watch 2 Review: A Practical Perspective

Health tracking features, including heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, are standard, although the absence of women’s cycle tracking is a notable omission.

Despite its bulkier size and the need for refinement in the accompanying OHealth app, the OnePlus Watch 2 delivers on its promises. Priced at Rs 24,999, it may come at a premium, but its unique hybrid technology and seamless integration with Android devices make it a worthy investment for users seeking an enhanced smartwatch experience.

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