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Free Audio and Video Calls for Everyone in X!

Big news from X

(formerly Twitter)! Now, you can make free audio and video calls, no matter if you’re a paying subscriber or not. This awesome feature used to be just for premium members, but now it’s open to everyone, whether you’re using an Android or iOS device.

Elon Musk, the boss at X, gave the thumbs up for this change in January 2024. They’re rolling it out gradually to make sure it works smoothly for everyone. So, keep an eye out for it!

Finding the calling feature is super easy. Just head to your messages and you’ll see it there. Plus, you have control over who can call you, giving you some extra privacy. By default, only your followers can call you, but you can tweak the settings to allow calls from verified users or even everyone. And if you want to keep things super private, there’s an option to hide your IP address.

To make a call, all you need is to have exchanged at least one message with the person you want to call. Easy, right?

Free Audio and Video Calls for Everyone in X!

Elon Musk has been hyping up X as the “everything app,” and with this new calling feature for everyone, it’s living up to the hype. Plus, there’s talk of Xmail, a potential Gmail rival, coming soon.

This change shows that X is serious about making things easier and more fun for its users. So, get ready to connect in new ways and watch X become your go-to app for everything!

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