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PhonePe Launches Indus Appstore: A New Challenger in the Indian Market

PhonePe Launches Indus Appstore: A New Challenger in the Indian Market

The Indian mobile app ecosystem received a significant shake-up with the launch of the Indus Appstore by PhonePe on February 21, 2023. This homegrown app store aims to offer users a distinctly Indian experience and provide developers with a competitive alternative to established giants like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Addressing Local Needs:

Indus Appstore recognizes the diverse consumer base in India. Unlike its competitors, it offers a localized experience by:

  • Supporting 12 Indian languages in addition to English, catering to a broader audience.
  • Utilizing video-led app discovery, similar to popular social media platforms, making navigation and exploration more engaging.
  • Employing mobile number-based logins instead of email accounts, reflecting the preferred method of many Indians for online interactions.

Empowering Developers:

PhonePe is attracting developers to the Indus Appstore by offering:

  • Free app listing for the first year, eliminating upfront costs.
  • Zero commission on in-app purchases, allowing developers to retain more of their earnings.
  • A “Launch Pad” program to assist new developers with onboarding and improving their app’s visibility within the store.

Building a Competitive Landscape:

While Indus Appstore faces the challenge of competing with established players, it has taken steps to gain traction:

  • Partnering with smartphone manufacturers like Nokia and Lava to pre-install the app store on select devices.
  • Leveraging PhonePe’s existing user base of over 500 million to promote app discovery and adoption.

The Future of Indus Appstore:

The success of Indus Appstore will depend on its ability to:

  • Continuously expand its app library to cater to diverse user needs and preferences.
  • Ensure a robust security infrastructure to build trust and confidence among users.
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and compete for market share.

Indus Appstore’s launch marks a significant development in the Indian app market. It signifies a growing trend of localized app stores that cater to the specific needs of regional audiences. Whether this challenger can dethrone the established giants remains to be seen, but it undoubtedly paves the way for a more diverse and competitive ecosystem in the Indian app landscape.

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