ARCore is Google’s platform for building augmented-reality experiences. Install the app and unlock new ways to shop, learn, create and experience the world together. By using this app, you agree to be bound by our Google Terms of Service (Google ToS, and Google’s general Privacy Policy ( ThisRead More →

You call an ARCore compatible mobile phone your own, and you would like to do some great or creative stuff with that, and completely for free? Then try 3D Scanner for ARCore available on Google Play.    Read More →

  Color Effects Blend Images If you want to add vibrant color shades to your selfie pics and make them artistic and eye-catching, Color Effects Blend Images is the one app you need! This absolutely magic picture editing software is specially designed to add rainbow effects and filters to yourRead More →

App and domain can individually be allowed or denied access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile data. Blocking access to the internet can help: * reduce your data usage * save your battery * increase your privacy * Take Control Of Your Mobile Apps * Easily Allow/Block App Connectivity * BlockRead More →

Bluristic description: This app will change photography. You can track objects during a long time exposure in real time. This allows you to create fantastic blur in the back and foreground by moving you Phone slowly around your object. the pictures quality depends on your Phone hardware.   This isRead More →

Zoo-AR is an Augmented Reality application with a variety of animals and insects available for viewing in 3D. Simply download the correct markers and either print them out or view them on another device. They can be found here:   Once Zoo-AR is launched and the camera shines onRead More →

DataMail offers an Email Address in the language of the your choice and allows communication to the world in preferred language. DataMail is leading to bridge the gap in between English and Non-English writing/reading population. Languages supported for email address are – Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi,Read More →

Only works on iPhone X/XS/XR Illusion of depth by 3D head tracking using ARKit and iPhone X. For best results, only one eye should be open (the app allows selecting which eye to track, or can try to select eye automatically) By tracking the users head orientation and position, theRead More →

WhatsApp does not have the auto-reply feature, so WhatsReply for WhatsApp performs this task. WhatsReply sends a predefined message to each contact that writes to you in automatized fashion and does it automatically when you are busy. Additional features: Connection status is not updated in WhatsApp (You will not beRead More →

Change the color of your hair and skin! Switch the background! Teleport anywhere! Edit your photos automatically with Teleport – our brand new app powered by the latest artificial intelligence technologies. NEW! – Recolor your skin! Apply a natural looking sunburn effect or try out magic skin colors like green,Read More →