4K High-Quality Wallpaper & 3D Live Wallpaper Parallax Effect For Any Android Device

Elevate Your Android Experience: 4K High-Quality Wallpapers and Mesmerizing 3D Live Wallpaper with Parallax Effect”

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Wallcraft – Wallpapers 4K, HD

About this appclear

Download application Wallcraft wallpaper and get – aesthetic 4k wallpaper for lock screen: HD wallpapers and backgrounds・4d live wallpaper.

– Adapted 4k wallpaper for your device.
In the application Wallcraft, only wallpapers and backgrounds suitable for the size of your screen will be displayed for you. All images are of high quality in HD and various resolutions 4k & 8k.

– Download exclusive aesthetic 4k Wallpaper.
4d live wallpaper with parallax effect. Get incredible wallpapers and backgrounds that moving when you are holding your phone. Try our amazing and dynamic live HD aesthetic wallpapers!

– Double dynamic wallpaper – our new way to express you and your friends.
One idea with two wallpapers and backgrounds for home screen and lock screen. And single exclusive backgrounds that were created by our artists.

– Only the honest size of the HD wallpaper, no increase.
In the WallpapersCraft application you will not see poor quality wallpapers and backgrounds, we do not add such ones. You will not see our 4k wallpaper is not the right size for the resolution of your screen. We support for any device, including devices with large screens: 1080×1920 px (Full HD, 1080p) and 2160×3840 px (Ultra HD, 4K).

– Manual cutting of 4k wallpaper under your screen.
All wallpapers and backgrounds in the application Wallcraft, were cropped manually so that you enjoy the perfect pictures for your mobile phones in different resolutions 4k and 8k.

– New 4d live wallpaper & 3D backgrounds every day and every hour.
Over 80,000 beautiful aesthetic wallpaper for screens up to 540×960 px; more than 10,000 Full HD wallpapers for the screen 1080×1920 px; over 5000 wallpapers and backgrounds for smartphones with 2K screen 1440×2560 px, more than 1000 4K wallpapers for phones with display 2160×3840 px.

– Actual 4d live wallpaper at the moment.
We follow all the trends in the world. You will find the latest background pictures from us. The most beautiful places in the world, cities, countries and simply cool wallpapers for any mood and desire.

– Ease of use and nothing more.
We tried to make the most convenient and simple application for you, removing all unnecessary and concentrating on the main thing – the wallpaper and their quality.

– Let in live HD backgrounds pictures the into your phone!
You can set the wallpaper on your phone screen on android or tablet. You can also set beautiful 4d live wallpaper on the lock screen or on both screens at once. Beautiful pictures for android will help you easier to survive the difficulties of life! Photo 3D live wallpaper and backgrounds on your phone and tablet will make it much more beautiful and attractive!


In the ever-evolving world of Android customization, personalizing your device’s visual appeal has become a key element of the user experience. This article introduces a stunning combination of 4K high-quality wallpapers and 3D live wallpapers with a parallax effect, designed to transform your Android device into a visually immersive masterpiece.

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About this appclear

Asteroid is an application and live wallpaper.
In 3D space, you can observe arriving Asteroids from the deep corners of the Galaxy.

In the app, you can customize the background color, the color of the asteroid, choose the type of asteroid and many options. You can set all options in the app.

The options are available under the flashing plus (+) button in the upper left part of the screen. Pressing it will open the SETTINGS menu.

You can also set the Asteroid as live wallpaper. Select SET LIVE WALLPAPER in the settings and set the wallpaper on your phone.

The settings (+) button is only available in the app, it cannot be seen if you set Live Wallpaper. It is not visible on the phone’s desktop.

Just click the ASTEROID icon and enter the app, there you will see the plus (+) button and set options.

In STATIC IMAGE mode, the application will display one photo every 10 seconds. This mode is useful if you set up Live Wallpaper and want the battery consumption to be minimal. You then see the wallpaper refreshing on your phone every 10 seconds. This is not a good mode for color settings, please disable STATIC IMEGE first.

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Cracked Screen Gyro 3D Parallax Wallpaper HD Icon

Cracked Screen Gyro 3D Parallax Wallpaper HD

Description of Cracked Screen Gyro 3D Parallax Wallpaper HD

The most realistic interactive 3D Cracked Screen Live Wallpaper ever! (trust me 😉

Featuring a stunning 3D parallax effect using your devices sensors (gyroscope or accelerometer)


* HD resolution textures, made for tablets!

* Animated electronics behind the crack showing real CPU / RAM / Network / Battery usage.

* Incredible 3D Parallax Effect using gyroscope or accelerometer

* Prank mode: Shake to break!

* Many many settings for you to play with, e.g.:

* Use your own background pictures!

* Adjust brightness / reflections

* Adjust transparency of the crack

* Adjust various 3D parallax parameters

* Absolutely ad-free!

Unveiling the Beauty of 4K High-Quality Wallpapers:

  1. Crystal Clear Resolution: Explore a world of unparalleled clarity with 4K high-quality wallpapers that bring images to life on your Android screen. From breathtaking landscapes to intricate artwork, these wallpapers offer an extraordinary visual experience.
  2. Vast Collection: Discover a diverse and extensive collection of 4K wallpapers catering to every taste and preference. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a tech lover, or an art connoisseur, there’s a wallpaper to suit every style.
  3. Optimized for Android: These wallpapers are specially curated and optimized for Android devices, ensuring a seamless fit and minimal impact on system resources.

Immersive 3D Live Wallpaper with Parallax Effect:

  1. Depth and Dimension: Elevate your device’s aesthetics with 3D live wallpapers that create a sense of depth and dimension. The parallax effect adds an extra layer of realism, making your home screen come alive as you tilt and move your device.
  2. Interactive Experience: Unlike static wallpapers, 3D live wallpapers provide an interactive experience. Customize your device by choosing from a variety of themes, including space, nature, and futuristic designs, each with its own unique parallax effects.
  3. Performance Optimization: Despite their dynamic nature, these live wallpapers are designed with performance in mind, ensuring smooth transitions and minimal impact on battery life.

How to Get Started:

  1. Explore Wallpaper Apps: Visit popular app stores and explore dedicated wallpaper apps that offer an extensive library of 4K high-quality wallpapers and 3D live wallpapers.
  2. Download and Install: Choose your preferred wallpapers and follow simple download and installation procedures.
  3. Apply and Personalize: Easily set your chosen wallpapers as your home or lock screen background, and customize settings such as parallax effect intensity and animation speed.

The Future of Android Customization:

As technology advances, the possibilities for Android customization continue to expand. The integration of 4K high-quality wallpapers and 3D live wallpapers with a parallax effect marks just one step in the journey toward creating personalized, visually stunning Android experiences. Embrace the future of mobile aesthetics, and let your device reflect your unique style with these cutting-edge wallpaper options.

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