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Uncovering the ‘What’s Wrong with India’ Trend: What You Need to Know

Recently, social media platform X was flooded with posts asking, “what’s wrong with India?” This trend caught everyone’s attention, including the government’s MyGovIndia portal. But why did it happen, and what’s behind it all?

It all started with a terrible incident in Jharkhand’s Dumka, where a Spanish tourist was brutally gang-raped. This sparked a huge outcry online, with many sharing their own scary experiences while visiting India.

But amidst all this, some accounts took it further, painting India in a negative light. They claimed incidents like these were common here, adding to stereotypes about India’s culture and hygiene. They used the phrase ‘what’s wrong with India’ a lot.

Indian social media users started questioning why these negative posts were getting so much attention. So, they came up with a clever plan.

They started using the same phrase but in a different way. They shared pictures and videos of similar incidents from other countries, trying to show that the platform’s algorithm was biased against India. Surprisingly, these posts, even from accounts with fewer followers, got a lot of views, comments, and likes.

Some users also used humor to make their point. They shared images of public hygiene issues in Western countries with the same phrase, highlighting the irony.

Even the government’s MyGovIndia portal joined in, sharing positive stories about India amidst all the chaos.

We’re not exactly sure why the ‘what’s wrong with India’ trend blew up, but one thing’s for sure – Indian social media users turned it around, using it as a platform to show India’s strength and resilience.

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