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The Chandigarh University Viral MMS Scandal

The Chandigarh University Viral MMS Scandal

chandigarh university viral mms|

The Chandigarh University Viral MMS Scandal


The viral mms scandal at Chandigarh university is causing a lot of controversy and concern. Here, we’ll take a look at the scandal and how it was handled. You can also find out about the investigation into the incident. The video has gone viral on social media, and it’s now being investigated by the university.

chandigarh university mms scandal

The MMS scandal at Chandigarh University has been in the news for the past few days. It was first reported when a video of 60 girls taking a bath went viral. Thankfully, the suspect who spread the video has since been arrested. Now, people are calling for justice for the females in the films. A protest is taking place outside the university, and Bollywood stars have weighed in on the issue with social media posts.

The incident has caused unrest at Chandigarh University, and many female students are now leaving the campus. The Chandigarh University MMSS scandal sparked protests after it emerged that a female student filmed 60 fellow students while they were taking a shower. The footage was sent to a man in Shimla, and he then posted the videos online.

Chandigarh university mms video

The Chandigarh University viral mms video went viral after a student filmed a video of 60 female students using the bathroom. She later sent the video to someone she knew who then leaked it to the internet. Chandigarh University has since handed the student over to police.

After the videos went viral, Chandigarh University decided to take action. The university said that the videos are not true and labelled them as false. It also stated that only one video was personal, shot by a girl and shared with her boyfriend. The video has caused a backlash, prompting the Punjab Police to launch an investigation into the matter.

Earlier, the university had said that a female student had uploaded a video to her Facebook account, where it has gone viral. Students in Chandigarh University gathered in protest against the alleged video. The girl who allegedly sent the videos to her friend has already been questioned by police. The police have also arrested her partner, who is 31 years old.

Chandigarh university mms scandal investigation

A Chandigarh University student is under fire for making obscene videos on her phone and sharing them online with other students. The student filmed 60 female students using the bathroom. She later sent the videos to her boyfriend in Shimla, who shared them on social media. This scandal has led to unrest in the university and female hostel occupants have begun to leave.

A woman who filmed the girls of a hostel in Chandigarh University has been arrested on voyeurism charges, and her boyfriend has been charged under the IT Act. Chandigarh University has set up a special investigation team to investigate the case. Protests in the university have also erupted.

After the video was made public, the Chandigarh students gathered to protest. They chanted slogans demanding justice. They also raised questions regarding the university authorities’ claims that the accused did not film any other girls. They also demanded to see the forensic reports. Students even confronted police officials and university officials. However, after the police and the administration assured them that the investigation would be fair, they withdrew their protests.

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