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Best Keyboard in 2022

Best Keyboard in 2022

top best keyboard in 2022|

The Top Best Keyboard in 2022


When it comes to the best keyboard for your computer, there are several great options. The Microsoft Surface Pro keyboard, the Logitech MX Keys, the Das Keyboard Model 4, the GLORIOUS GMMK Pro, and the Leopold FC660MBT are all great choices. If you want a keyboard that will last you for years to come, you can’t go wrong with one of these products.

Logitech MX Keys

If you’re looking for a new keyboard, the Logitech MX Keys could be the keyboard for you. The keyboard comes with a USB receiver and a Bluetooth receiver that pairs with compatible mice and other devices. This helps you save space on your desktop by letting you pair multiple devices with the keyboard. The keyboard also has dedicated macro keys on the left side, allowing you to customize the keys according to your preferences.

Das Keyboard Model 4

The Das Keyboard brand is a stalwart in the mechanical keyboard world. They offer a range of premium models in different price ranges, each based on one core full-size design. Each keyboard has a 100% aluminum frame, media controls, and solid construction. The models range from the budget-friendly Model S to the premium Model 4 Professional. The company has also recently released a newer model, the X50Q.


If you’re in the market for a new gaming keyboard, then you’ve probably heard about the GMMK Pro from Glorious Gaming. This keyboard debuted in 2016 and has received great reviews from users. The GMMK Pro comes with many customizable features. The first of these is a 75% layout, which separates the arrow keys, navigational cluster, and function row from the main alphanumeric keys. This helps minimize mistakes while typing, and it also eliminates the need for a number pad. It also features a programmable rotary encoder knob, which is made from aluminum. The knob also functions as a volume control, and has a satisfying tactile feel.

Leopold FC660MBT

If you’re looking for a good keyboard that’ll provide a great typing experience, the Leopold FC660MBT is worth a look. Despite its high price tag, it has an excellent build quality and a number of unique features. We’ll take a look at what we liked about it in this review.

Xtrfy X50Q

Professional gamers around the world trust Xtrfy mechanical gaming keyboards to deliver the performance required for competitive play. The company’s keyboards are designed to be durable and withstand years of use. There are two models to choose from: the X50Q and the 5Q.

Matias X50Q

The Matias X50Q keyboard was launched in early 2018. It is designed for gamers and office users alike, and its improved response time and comfort make it an excellent choice. In addition to its ergonomics, it also features USB-C compatibility and comes with a USB-C adapter. It can work with up to four Bluetooth devices and adjusts its layout to fit each device. However, the keyboard is not perfect.

Moonlander SK61

The Moonlander SK61 keyboard is designed to help you feel comfortable while typing. It comes with a thumb and wrist support module and automatically adjusts to your hand size. It has three easy-to-reach keys and an ergonomic vertical profile. This keyboard is also compatible with a range of accessories.

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