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Adobe Unveiled a New AI Assistant for Reader and Acrobat

Adobe has rolled out a cool new feature for Reader and Acrobat: an AI Assistant that makes working with documents easier. Right now, it’s in beta mode, building on something called Acrobat Liquid Mode to give you even more ways to do stuff with your PDFs.

So, what can this AI Assistant do?

Well, it’s like having a super-smart helper right there in your Reader or Acrobat. It can give you quick summaries of long documents, answer questions about what’s in them, and even tidy up info so you can share it in emails or reports. Adobe says this tech could help unlock tons of value from the billions of PDFs out there.

(Adobe PDF & Acrobat AI Assistant Launched)
(Adobe PDF & Acrobat AI Assistant Launched)

This assistant uses some fancy AI and machine learning stuff, just like the tech behind Acrobat Liquid Mode. That means it really gets what’s in your PDFs, making sure its answers and summaries are top-notch.

Abhigyan Modi,

Senior Vice President at Adobe, says this AI Assistant can make working with documents smarter and more professional. And the best part? It’s not just for the techy folks; anyone using Acrobat Individual, Pro, or Teams, or trying out the trial version, can give it a spin.

And don’t worry about your data—it’s all safe and sound. Adobe’s made sure that your stuff stays private and secure, with no snooping around in your documents without your say-so.

Once it’s out of beta, you’ll need a new add-on subscription to keep using all these cool features. But for now, Acrobat Standard/Pro users can try it out for free. And if you’re not an English speaker, don’t worry—they’re planning to add support for other languages soon.

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