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Apple iPad Air 4 – Finally!

The Apple iPad Air 4 is both stunning and incredible and I’m going to be sharing all of the details right after this. If you’re new here and want to stay up to date with the latest tech please hit subscribe followed by the bell. You can also keep up on Facebook,   Instagram & twitter by clicking the links in the description so today we’ve got plenty of news to share about the upcoming Apple iPad Air 4 and it’s incredible we of course have the launch date leaks of its final design spec information and even more, before we get started though please like the video if you’re looking forward to the new Apple iPad air 4   let me know in the comments what device you’re actually watching this video on but the first story of the day is the launch date from apple many sources including mine advised of a launch event on the 8th September that was supposedly going to be the watch in the new iPad Air 4 but not the iPhone 12.

well, it turns out that this was incorrect but apple did announce the live event on that day and it’s now the 15th of September which is next Tuesday now many are claiming that the phones are also going to be shown at this event but we’re pretty sure that they’re going to have to wait till October and that this event is specifically up for the iPad Air 4 and the watch series 6.

the live event has already been scheduled on apple’s official youtube channel with the apple logo in the title time flies now this is likely hinting at the time   for the watch and maybe flies because of the iPad air we also get more of a   hint of this with the animated version in Greg’s recent tweet now if that wasn’t enough we can take a look at the metadata for the scheduled video where we can see they’ve used the keywords apple watch and series 6, as well as keywords for iPad and iPad air now there are also plenty of general keywords in there as well just to throw us off the scent we also recently had a listing for the iPad Air 4 and the watch on the EEC database which means that they are coming soon and while they weren’t named directly in this database it is clear, is they’re using the operating systems for watch os 7 and iPad os 14.

next up we’ve   got a tweet from duane that showed us the instruction manual of the upcoming   apple ipad air 4 and it gives away some specs as well as the final design   he posted four pictures of the manual along with some information telling us   that it will be usbc and it will also have touch id the design in the manual   reveals thinner bezels all round and it’s getting very similar to the pro   and this time we’ve got a different kind of touch id according to this leak the   touch id is actually going to be within the power button on the side of the   device and not an in-display scanner now i guess they’ve done this because it is   cheaper than the in display to produce and it is a useful feature well it does   have a front-facing camera it doesn’t have the required sensors for a 3d   face unlock and i don’t see apple ever offering the 2d version but the manual   mentions apple pay with touch id so we can be pretty sure that that’s coming   we also have a smart connector on the back of the ipad air 4 and this will of   course be for magic keyboards and other accessories now given that it’s adopting   a lot from the pro many are hoping that the ipad air 4 is also going to support   the apple pencil too we haven’t had any leaks or information about this and not   even in the manual leaks so it’s not a great sign so far the ipad air 4 will   require the magnetic charging area for the apple pencil 2 so either it’s not   included or it’s just not on the pages of the manual that have been leaked   or they do like to keep certain aspects for the pro versions only i think apple   pencil 2 support would hugely increase the success of the ipad air 4 now of   course with the launch next week it’s not going to be long until we’ve got   all the details confirmed by apple but for those interested we’re going to run   through the full specs and design of the ipad air 4 now the new apple ipad   air is going to be called the ipad air 2020 or the ipad air 4.


Apple iPad Air 4 - Finally!
Apple iPad Air 4 – Finally!


if their recent   release of the sc is anything to go by then i’m predicting the ipad air 2020   it’s gonna have a 10.8 inch oled display with a full hd plus resolution it will   of course keep a fairly conservative design as it is aimed at the mid-range   it’s to have a full screen display as there’s going to be no notch and   no face id reports are suggesting that there may not be a selfie camera at all   but it could also be that it’s just squeezed into the bezel on the bottom   we’re losing the lightning port in favor of usb type c and this is of course to   assist with connecting peripherals and is more suited to an ipad   on the back we’re getting a single camera in the top corner while the   exact sensor is unknown it’s rumored to be a 12 megapixel wide angle camera   the ipad air 2020 is coming with four gigabytes of ram and a choice of 64   or 256 storage there are rumors saying that it’s going to be powered by the a13   bionic but at this moment in time i have to be honest we are unsure after it was   placed inside the iphone se it does seem like it could be a possibility

but it would also be strange to see the a13 in the ipad air 2020 before   we see it in a pro if it’s not going to be the a13 though then it’s pretty much   guaranteed to be the a12x bionic it’s going to be powered by a roughly nine   thousand milliamp hour battery and ming chico has stated that a 20 watt power   adapter will be available as an extra accessory it is of course going to ship   with ios 14 and we’re expecting the base model to be starting around 479 pounds   for those of you in the uk and 500 if you’re in the usa for the 64 gig version   so it’s not long until we find out all the details from apple themselves   well i’m an android guy myself there’s no denying that apple are unbeatable in   the tablet market ios is well suited and their ipads just work incredibly well   the ipad f4 is of course a well-priced mid-range ipad so it’s no doubt going   to be wanted by many as always though i will update you guys   as soon as i find out more on the ipad air 4 or ipad 2020 as some are   calling it but i’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who out there   is waiting for the ipad air 4 and if not then what is your next tablet gonna be   but thanks for watching the video if you liked it smash the thumbs up   if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and i’ll see you guys in the next one so you

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