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The Best Whatsapp Ringtones

Sounds for Whatsapp is a free app that offers you the best ringtones collection: more than 1000 different new sounds for Whatsapp, classified in 18 different categories to make it much easier to choose the one that you like. It is a free app composed of future tones, funny ringtones, mlg ringtones, horror ringtones, nature sounds, annoying sounds or original sounds and much more. Doubt no more and download the best ringtones collection for your Smartphone or Tablet.

Also, you can download the audios what you like so that you can use a sound for each instant messaging app and a different sound for each contact. You can create your own list of favorite Sounds for Whatsapp and share all the ones you like. Share them through WhatsApp, Messenger, your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or any other social network that allows you to share. It’s time to update your Smartphone and surprise everyone with your new tones.

Sounds for WhatsApp contains a great selection of up to date nature sounds effects, different sounds and full of wit, the funniest and the best ringtones collection. You will be the envy of all your friends, and everyone will want to change his or her predefined and boring notification tones for your different and funny. Change your notifications for Whatsapp and make the difference.

Use them as a notification sound for Whatsapp, such as tones for your chats or your alarm clock, as the melody for your ringtones, as sound for your text messages or any notification tone.

Download Sounds for Whatsapp totally free, the only app that contains the best ringtones collection in a simple and comfortable way for you. Do not wait any longer and enjoy from now on when your phone rings.


🎮 Sounds for Gamers | Ringtones for Gamers | Gamers Tones
🔔 Bell sounds | Bell Ringtones | Bells Tones
👶🏼 Babies Sounds | Babies Ringtones | Babies Tones
🔉 Beep Sounds | Beep Ringtones | Beep Tones
🌬️ Whistles Sound | Whistles Ringtones | Whistles Tones
👽 Future Sounds | Future Ringtones | Future Tones
🏁 Motor Sounds | Motor Ringtones | Motor Tones
🌿 Nature sounds | Nature Ringtones | Nature Tones
😂 Funny Sounds | Funny Ringtones | Funny Tones
⏰ Short Sounds | Short Ringtones | Short Tones
🎶 Original Sounds | Original Ringtones | Original Tones
🐶 Animal Sounds | Animal Ringtones | Animals Tones
🎃 Horror Sounds | Horror Ringtones | Horror Tones
📱 Electronic Sounds | Electronic Ringtones | Electronic Tones
🎅 MLG Sounds | MLG Ringtones | MLG Tones
🙊 Annoying Sounds | Annoying Ringtones | Annoying Tones
🎺 Instrumental Sounds | Instrumental Ringtones | Instrumental Tones
🚨 Alert Sounds | Alert Ringtones | Alert Tones

⚙ How the app works:
1- Choose one of the 18 ringtones for Whatsapp categories.
2- Listen to the different tones for WhatsApp you have.
3- Click on the bell to the right of the MLG sound effect you like most.
4- A PopUp will appear with 6 options to choose from:
● Share all Tones
● Add as a Funny Ringtones
● Add as Notification for Whatsapp
● Add as Alarm Tones
● Share all MLG Tones
● Download all MLG Tones
5- Add the tones that you like best to your favorites category.
6- You already have your chats nature sounds effects ready to be heard.

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