Mechanica clock live wallpaper Full Apk

Mechanica clock live wallpaper has an awesome moving and animated parts. Gold edition.
Weather forecast use all permission inside.

Full version pack features:
– Analog and lamp (digital) clock
– World time clock – you can set up any time you want, using worldtime option
– Animated vapor
– Animated pistons
– All gears rotate + speed options
– True color fluid – change it where ever you want
– Current date
– Moving bubbles
– Green control button: 3 pistons speed and vapor intensity
– Yellow control button: activate more bubbles
– Orange control button: activate more vapor and gear speed rotation


Weather pack features: (Touch the date to change weather forecast)
Available only with active full version pack.
1) Accurate weather forecast.
2) Date, weekday
3) Today weather with:
– Current weather
– Night, morning, day, evening weather condition icon + state.
– C-F temperature options
4) 2 days more forecast:
Touch the icon, to change and discover weather forecast
5) Forecast date, weekday

Premium pack features:
1) Full version pack
2) Weather pack

Mechanica – steampunk live wallpaper


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