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Android Smart Phone Augmented Reality App 2019

Are you ready to get up close to nature’s biggest, scariest and weirdest bugs? Download the Augmented Reality app to let loose incredible, supersized creepy crawlies into your world!


– Make a Lord Howe Stick Insect scuttle across your friend’s hand, fly the world’s biggest butterfly around your room and come face-to-face with the seriously scary supersized Goliath Bird-eating Spider.

– Activate 11 giant bugs: Hercules Beetle, Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing Butterfly, Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Little Barrier Island Giant Weta, Japanese Giant Hornet, Giant Malaysian Shield Mantid, Driver Ant, Lord Howe Stick Insect, Goliath Bird-Eating Spider, Emperor Scorpion and Amazonian Giant Centipede. Use the controls in the app to “supersize” your bugs, rotate and view them in awesome 3D, or send them flying and scuttling around your room.

– In DUAL USER MODE, battle two Hercules beetles with a pal!

– Pose with your favourite creepy crawlies for unbelievable photos.

– Discover more jaw-dropping facts and stats about each bug’s diet, size, habitat, location and more.

How it works:
To see the AR sequences in action, look for one of the trigger pages.
Launch the app and point your device’s camera at the page to kick off the Augmented Reality action.

This FREE app is available to anyone with a compatible smartphone or tablet with front and rear facing cameras using Android 4.0 and above, and ARM NEON processors (INTEL based devices are not currently supported)

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