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This app is a parental lock that ensures your child can only use the child-friendly apps you choose

Kid Mode On – Child Lock


Do you feel tired and frustrated when kids ask for playing your mobile? Erasing important files and photos? Messing up the phone setting?
Don’t worry, “Kid Mode On” can save you.

This app is a parental lock that ensures your child can only use the child-friendly apps you choose. Using this app parents can prevent your children from accessing any unwanted app or phone functions. Hence, parents can control what apps are allowed for their kids to use. User can freely add or remove the apps in this launcher.

You can only exit the launcher by entering the password you set so it can protect your mobile from kids that open any apps or files which are important in your mobile and nothing will be affected.

Main features:
– Custom app launcher (home screen) to restricts kid can only use the approved apps you choose
– Parental control child-lock to keep your kids in safe zone (mode)
– Block access to Home, notifications, system menus, all device settings and personal data
– Relock the mobile phone automatically if it is rebooted
– Change launcher wallpaper
– Password setting
– Allowing incoming calls
– Simple and easy user interface

You need to set your own password when you first use the app, which is used for exit the app.
Please remember or mark down your password, as you can only exit the app by entering the correct password.

Kid Mode On – Child Lock is brought to you by MobPage, an Innovative Mobile Application Consultancy & Developer under iGears Technology Limited (iGears).

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