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Gokulpuri metro station | What happened at Delhi’s Gokulpuri metro station, understand from pictures and videos

Gokulpuri metro station | What happened at Delhi’s Gokulpuri metro station, understand from pictures and videos

Early this morning, an accident on Delhi Metro’s Pink Line occurred when part of the slab at Gokulpuri Station suddenly collapsed around 11am, sending debris onto the roadway and immediately ceasing

Gokulpuri metro station

metro services along this route. DMRC reported that part of its boundary wall at Gokulpuri also collapsed. This incident resulted in massive chaos; operations along this line had to be stopped immediately as operations along that route had to cease as well as being discontinued immediately as reported.

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Gokulpuri metro station

DMRC released a statement noting that when a wall collapsed at a metro station, a loud sound could be heard throughout the area and at least three to four people were injured, being immediately taken to nearby hospitals after traffic under the metro had stopped as soon as the incident had taken place. Investigation is currently ongoing with teams surrounding and investigating it.

Gokulpuri metro station

Vinod Kumar (53 years old), from Shaheed Bhagat Singh Colony in Karawal Nagar was tragically killed during the Gokulpuri Metro station accident at 11am today. Chaos ensued as soon as Gokulpuri Metro station’s eastern railing collapsed causing chaos to ensue and locals immediately taking anyone entombed beneath debris to nearby hospitals for medical attention. A scooter heading somewhere when it crashed with all its debris.

Delhi's Gokulpuri metro station,
Delhi’s Gokulpuri metro station,

Delhi Metro reported that local residents quickly transported some injured to nearby hospitals following a collapse at Gokulpuri Metro station. Atul Garg, Fire Director stated that control received the phone call at 11 am, four vehicles arrived on scene to find that part of a side slab had fallen, one injured person was evacuated by Delhi Fire Service while local people took action to move them from hostels nearby.

Gokulpuri metro station

Panic ensued as soon as a part of the Gokulpuri Metro station collapsed, sparking alarm among all around. People below began running quickly while people in nearby houses emerged to help.

Pictured railing no longer present. In general, people have begun standing on it to stand. At present, information is being collected on any injured parties while locals began transporting those in need to hospitals as soon as they became available.

This incident serves as a warning to passengers standing on the railings of the metro. People typically wait for trains on these railings. This accident was terrifying for passengers as its entire piece had broken away as seen in this photo.

Police officials have taken immediate steps to treat an injured scooter driver at GTB hospital nearby and on scene are local and metro police personnel, along with filing a criminal complaint regarding this accident which is currently under investigation.

After an accident occurred at Gokulpuri Metro station, emergency responders from nearby locations immediately dispatched an ambulance for treatment and stabilisation of the situation. After being surrounded by police and security forces, Metro train service resumed at Gokulpuri station on the Pink Line shortly afterwards; all trains on one track have since been cleared off from both ends – clearing it of potential obstacles on each route simultaneously.

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