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Game For Peace || New PUBG Mobile IS HERE! || How To Download Game For Peace

【game introduction】

“Peace Elite” is a counter-terrorism military competition experience mobile game created by Tencent Photonics Studio Group. Unreal Engine 4 R & D, the next generation of perfect picture quality, the ultimate audio-visual experience; large real-life map, to create a fingertip battlefield, all aspects of freely display tactics; 100 people on the same field, real trajectory, perfect shooting feel; friends a key team, voice Open black; Tencent Photon Studio Group has more than 300 team research and development, bringing you a shocking competitive experience.

[game features]

1 real map map hundred people competition

With a large number of super-real maps, experience rich environmental changes, 100 people compete on the same field, with the battle strategy and shooting ability to win the championship, and strive to win!

2 Realistic scenes are extremely audiovisual

Unreal Engine 4 technology, mature detail rendering, large maps, realistic scenes, more delicate and more realistic!

Real 3D sound effects, high-definition real-time voice, feel the ultimate experience of immersive!

3 refreshing the real trajectory

Real firearms trajectory, excellent shooting feel, easy to get started!

Dozens of real guns, realistic ballistic simulation of firearms, real throwing trajectories, various accessories, physical strikes of various melee weapons, giving players a hearty battle shooting experience!

4 rich vehicle wild car

A variety of real vehicles, rich driving experience, perfect operation feel, more real than real!

5 One-button teammates open black

Anytime, anywhere, willing to open black! One-click team, invite friends to voice black, friends to fight.

WeChat/Hand Q friend system, team system, chat room socialization, ubiquitous in-game social experience! Brothers in battle, see the truth on the battlefield!

6 Fair Athletic Green Environment

Powerful anti-plug-in function, optimized for various models and performance, making the game fairer and smoother!

7 multiple entertainment modes of play

A variety of entertainment mode play, more concentrated battle area, faster game rhythm, shorter game duration, bring a smooth and fast combat experience!

8 new team competitive gameplay

Complex and variable terrain structure, close combat of close range. New rules, new maps, bring a new competitive experience!

【Editor’s Choice】

Blood, wisdom, courage, faith! Do your best in peace!

The next generation of high-quality mobile games, more convenient gaming experience, mobile phones in hand, say go and go!

Go all out, strive for victory, win the championship!

Passion and refreshment, great satisfaction here!

【Special Note】

Tencent will launch the “16+” pilot attempt based on the health system in the system and conduct the “16+” trial operation in “Peace Elite”. According to the pilot rules, users of the health system public security real-name verification of 16 years old can obtain system authorization and log in to the game experience.

In the game “Peace Elite”, the user uses the platform account (QQ or WeChat) to log in, and can synchronize some of the data in the game, including the level, friends, etc. The virtual currency on the Tencent platform, such as Q coins and Q points, cannot be used in the game. All the lucky draws in “Peace Elite” have nothing to do with Apple, and the final interpretation is owned by Tencent. I wish you all a happy game!

Download Instructions

  1. Download the App Tap Tap from if for some reason Tap Tap is giving you error install the Tap Tap Beta version from here
  2. Change the language to English from Settings and at the bottom look for Ranking Menu or search for Game FOR Peace.
  3. Download the Game (Which will take some time as the size is 1.9GB. Once Downloaded, Install the Game.
  4. Create your QQ account If you are getting an error than Download WeChat and create an account and Login through WeChat.
  5. Once the account is created Open the game.
  6. Click on the QQ/WeChat Login icon. If using QQ, Install the QQ app on your phone and log in with the Account details which you have created.
  7. Open the Game and Login again.
  8. Enjoy !!

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