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FASTag KYC Update Online Last Date 31 Jan 2024: Today is the last day of Fastag KYC, know the step by step process.

FASTag KYC Update Online Last Date 31 Jan 2024: Today is the last day of Fastag KYC, know the step by step process.

How to Update Kyc in Fastag: Today is the last day to get Fastag KYC done. You can easily update Fastag while sitting at home. So let us tell you the process.

How to Update Kyc in Fastag: Today is the last day of Fastag KYC. If you are not able to do Fastag KYC by today i.e. January 31, 2024, then you will have to pay double toll from tomorrow i.e. February 1. So let us tell you the process of doing Fastag KYC sitting at home.

Learn how to do KYC sitting at home

National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) started One Vehicle One Fastag campaign a few days ago. Under this, if you have not got your KYC done yet, you will not be able to use Fastag after January 31. While traveling on the roads built on the National Highway, everyone has to pay a fixed toll to enter from one state to another. NHAI also said that if FASTag balance is left, but you have not got the KYC done, then FASTag will be deactivated after January 31, 2024.

FASTags mandatory to pass through toll plaza

The Government of India had made FASTags mandatory for all vehicles from February 15, 2001. After this, FASTags were made mandatory for all vehicles passing through the toll plaza. Its advantage is that you will not need to stand in long queues while passing through the expressway. You can easily pass through the expressway without stopping. Toll tax is deducted from the FASTag balance through the sensors/scanners at toll booths through the FASTag sticker placed on your vehicle.

These documents will be required for Fastag update
• driving license

  • Voter ID card
  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card

Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)

Do KYC sitting at home like this

  • Official website of the government
  • Go to fastag.ihmcl.com.
  • Login to account with mobile number and password or OTP.
  • Select MY PROFILE option in the left side menu of the dashboard.
  • Here you can see the profile details submitted at the time of KYC.
  • Fill the required information in ‘Customer Type’ sub-section of KYC.
  • You have to tick the disclaimer before KYC verification.

How to update FASTag KYC Offline

Apart from online KYC, you can update Fastag KYC offline also. For this you will have to go to the bank issuing FASTag. going there
Take the KYC form, fill all the details in it and submit it. After this, KYC of your Fastag account will be done.

Let us know the answers to all the questions.

Is KYC mandatory for Fastag?

As per the instructions of NHAI, it is mandatory to update KYC details related to Fastag by 31st January. Failure to do so will result in your FASTags being deactivated.

Will Fastag be inactive even after maintaining balance?

Yes, if you have not updated the KYC details related to FASTag then your FASTag will be deactivated even after maintaining the balance.

Will old Fastags have to be removed?

As per the instructions of NHAI, all the users will have to delete all the Fastags already issued through banks.

What will happen if Fastag does not work at toll?
If vehicle owners do not use FASTag, they will have to pay double the toll fee as fine.

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