Far Cry 3 Like Game For Android Download & Gameplay

Far Cry 3 Like Game For Android Download & Gameplay

Far Cry 3 Like Game For Android Download & Gameplay

he game background has been set in the rapid advancement of modern biotechnology. Politics and military are controlled by some bio-valves. In order to compete for the conflicts in various regions, biochemical virus leaks cause a large area of ​​infection, darkness falls, and the homes in memory are mutated. The zombie invasion, the world is in a bloody killing, the mysterious organization formed a special warfare unit to fight for the future of mankind.

[game features]

– Fast-paced online game, you can choose to enter the server in different regions of the world, single-player join zombie mode.

– 3 multiplayer battle modes, including team deathmatch, melee, pistol competition. You can also create private room and make your own rules online with your friends.

– 7 maps, subway stations, parking lots, cities, towns, bases, warehouses, tropical islands and other different styles, try to win with different tactics.

– 40 types of weapons, including assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, flame launchers, chainsaws, RPG rocket launchers, pistols, melee weapons, grenades, smoke bombs, Molotov, flash bombs.

– Weapons can be customized with beautiful camo skin.

– Perfect graphic effect, real physical trajectory, excellent shooting feel.

– Single player and computer AI challenge exercises.





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