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Enhancing Your Chat Experience: Google Gemini’s New Text Fine-Tuning Feature

Google Gemini, formerly Bard, has leveled up with a cool new update! Now, you have the power to tweak AI-generated responses to your liking without asking for a complete do-over.

Here’s how it works: When chatting with the AI, just pick the part of the text you want to change. Click on the magic wand icon, and voila! You’ll see four options: Regenerate, Shorter, Longer, and Remove.

When you’re chatting and want to change things up, simply choose ‘Regenerate’ to give the text a new twist. Need it to be shorter or longer? No problem! Just select ‘Shorter’ or ‘Longer’. And if there’s something you want to remove, just hit ‘Remove’ to make it disappear.

Users can also prompt Gemini to revise responses by entering desired changes in the 'Modify with a prompt' field.

You can also guide Gemini with your own suggestions. Just type in your changes in the ‘Modify with a prompt’ box. Tell Gemini whether you want the text tweaked, shortened, or lengthened.

Keep in mind, though, sometimes Gemini might say, “I can’t do that.” This happens if you ask for something it can’t handle or if your instructions aren’t clear.

Gemini’s latest feature is currently available in English and functions smoothly on the web version. However, it’s important to remember that you won’t be able to make adjustments to responses containing code or images. Nevertheless, this update marks a significant stride in personalizing your chats to suit your preferences, offering more control over your interactions with the AI.

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