Always on Display – AOD AMOLED

Always on Display – AOD AMOLED is a unique always on display which provides you with information about your notifications with edge lighting, clock, date and more and all without having to touch the phone. Just by looking at it.

Always on Display – AOD AMOLED is free and was designed to use 0% CPU, and low system resources while keeping your screen on to view all the important details.

App made possible thanks to AMOLED displays. Most of the screen stays black except for a few pixels using clock part which selected by your self.

Always on Display – AOD AMOLED have all kind of formats like Digital Clock, Analog Clock, Emoji Clock, Smart Clock, LED Clock and Animated Clock which have lots of variant of clock.

AOA Amoled Clock keep your screen on all the time to show you time in a digital and analog clock. So If you have Always on Display install you donโ€™t need for smart watch.


– On or OFF always on Display
– Battery status display
– Compatible with all screens such as Amoled, OLED, LCD, LED
– Automatic rules for better battery life
– Many clocks such as animated, analog, or digital
– To wake up your phone double tap on screen
– Easily customized text and clock on screen i.e. color and styles.
– Fully customizable with many settings; Set colors, icons, fonts, text size
– Always On Screen
– Amazing UI/UX and very easy to use
– Collection of Awesome digital and analog clocks
– Show battery level and less battery consumption
– Less Battery Consumption
– Always on’ screen on (double tap will turn the screen on)
– Always On Screen Amoled has options to change clock color
– You Can also display your favorite best emoji on Always on display Screen
– Always On Memo – write a reminder and make it show up on your screen all the time


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