Landscap AR augmented reality | create Your New augmented reality island app

LandscapAR is a new form of augmented reality (AR) app that invites users to create intriguing islands and terrains. Just sketch the elevation lines on a real piece of paper and it will be directly translated into a 3D landscape!

Create your own favorite tropical island with as many hills, mountains and valleys as you wish and visualize it on your table top at home in full 3D. Walk around your creation and view the islands from all perspectives.

Note that the paper should be distinctly visible from the background, that is, the paper should be as bright as possible and the background as dark as possible. Furthermore, you should use a thick dark pen.

The aim of the app is to go beyond the creation of user defined landscape while encouraging artistic creativity. We welcome you on this new way of creative artistry and augmented reality where the real world sketch meets the virtual terrain you build! You can share your creations with us on our facebook website.

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