How to Hide Whatsapp Online Status

How to Hide Whatsapp Online Status

How to Hide Whatsapp Online Status|How to Hide Whatsapp Online Status

How to Hide Whatsapp Online Status


You may be wondering how to hide your WhatsApp online status. Luckily, there are a few easy steps you can take to keep your status private. First, you should delete any contact details that you no longer want to be visible. In the contacts app, tap the three-dot icon. On the next screen, tap Account and then select Privacy. Change the Last Seen and Status options to “My Contacts.” Finally, turn off Airplane mode.

Besides hiding your online status, you can also hide your profile photo and other personal details. This feature isn’t available on the WhatsApp web version, but it’s still possible to hide your online presence with the help of third-party apps. For this, you can install the WAIncognito extension for Chrome. You can also use WAWeb Plus to hide your online status.

Another way to hide your online status is to disable the “online” option in your status. This will prevent your contacts from seeing your status unless they manually enter your credentials. This method will only hide your online status for certain contacts, but it’s still an option. However, you’ll still be able to receive and reply to messages even while you’re offline.

The second option to hide your WhatsApp online status is to go into your account settings. In the Settings menu, tap on Account and then Privacy. Under Account and Privacy, you’ll see an option called ‘Last seen and online’. By selecting “same as last seen”, you’ll hide your status from everyone but the people you specify.

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