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Broken Screen

“Broken Screen Realistic Effect Prank” is a free broken screen simulator for your phone. App will display cracked glass images on your phone. It will look as if your phone’s screen got cracked. You can set the trigger thanks to which the broken glass effect will appear. You have the choice to shake your phone, touch the screen or set time after which crack display image will appear. You’ll get six different broken glass graphics to choose from.

Remember: To remove broken effect just run app again or select “Touch here to remove broken screen” in android status/notification bar.

Why you should install this simulator?:
✔️ high quality of broken glass images and sound
✔️ cracked effect displayed on the top of all running apps
✔️ three ways to start cracked screen effect
✔️ great tool to make jokes and pranks with your friends


Broken Screen Realistic Prank
Broken Screen Realistic Prank


Hair On Your Screen Prank

Note: This is only a simulation app and it’s completely harmless. There’s no real hair on your phone or screen.

Turn your phone in a prank mode and have fun with your friends.

In a world full of prank apps, be a “there’s a hair on your screen” simulator. Make your friends/family/loved ones feeling annoyed by making them see irritating hair on their display. Watch them blowing it away and laugh when they try to get rid of it.

After the hair image is presented, you can still use your phone with full functionality, simulated hair image will be on top of all of your applications until you exit.

Tease your friends and create funny moments to remember and laugh after.

How to prank?

* You must give permission for the app to be functional.
1. Download and launch the app.
2. Tap “Start” button
3. The hair takes a random position on your screen
4. Have fun
5. To end the prank open the app again OR just click the notification

Get it now & become a prankster-to-remember!

Hair On Your Screen Prank
Hair On Your Screen Prank
Developer: GSIX
Price: Free

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