Hide Your Whatsapp Chat During Typing

You are sitting in a crowded place and you are writing private messages, but people can see your display and read your messages while you are writing.

NO LUK Screen Guard Privacy Filter is the answer, it protects your privacy. It draws a grid layer over your display. Security is important.

You have to look at your bank account in a crowded place like in a train, and people can look at your display while you are entering your password. With NO LUK Screen Guard Privacy Filter you can hide the display and enter safely your data. Save your password from beeing seen by others.

At work
You are sitting in a meeting and you got an important message, which you have to answer. But also you want to be respectful, so you don’t want them to see, that you are writing private messages. With NO LUK you can hide your display and no one near you can read or identify your action.

In a train / bus
You are staying in the crowded train and you are writing posts in facebook. People around you can see your display, follow your posts and see your private photos. With NO LUK Screen Guard Privacy Filter you can hide your display. Privacy is important. Save your privacy.


NO LUK Screen Guard Privacy Filter needs an important permission
There are new way of apps since 2-3 years, which is used to show apps over other apps. NO LUK is using that to protect your display, during the use of other apps without closing NO LUK.

NO LUK needs the permission to access the “Fotos” and “data” to save the selected fotos to the filesystem. We are not using user-accounts, so no user-data is sent to any servers. Everything is done lokal.


Saiyed Irfan

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