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Facebook Faces User Frustration as Session Expired and Instagram Feed Refresh Issues Plague Platforms

Technical Glitches Leave Millions Unable to Access Social Media Features

Date: March 5, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, Facebook and Instagram users worldwide experienced significant disruptions as technical issues emerged, leaving many unable to refresh their feeds or access their accounts. The problems were primarily centered around session expirations on Facebook and feed refresh failures on Instagram.

Facebook Session Expired Problem: Users reported encountering persistent “Session Expired” messages when attempting to log in or navigate within the Facebook platform. This widespread issue frustrated users, hindering their ability to connect with friends, share updates, and access essential features.

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Problem: Simultaneously, Instagram users faced a related challenge as the platform failed to refresh feeds, displaying an error message that read, “Couldn’t refresh feed.” This glitch prevented users from viewing new posts, stories, and updates from accounts they follow, causing widespread concern and confusion.


Server Downtime: The root cause of these disruptions has been traced back to server downtime affecting key components of Facebook and Instagram infrastructure. The technical team is actively working to resolve the issues and restore normal functionality as quickly as possible.

Impact on Users: Social media has become an integral part of daily life for millions around the world, and the outage left users expressing frustration on various online platforms. Memes, jokes, and complaints flooded other social networks as people shared their experiences during the downtime.

Official Responses: Both Facebook and Instagram acknowledged the technical glitches through their official Twitter accounts. In a series of tweets, they assured users that the engineering teams were working around the clock to identify and rectify the issues. No information has been provided regarding the estimated time for full resolution.

Advice for Users: While awaiting a complete fix, users are advised to stay patient and monitor official social media accounts for updates. Additionally, users experiencing persistent issues are encouraged to clear their app cache, restart their devices, and attempt to log in again.

As the technical teams continue their efforts to address these challenges, users are hopeful that normal service will resume soon, allowing them to reconnect with their digital communities without further interruptions.*

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