BGMI 3.0 update release date and time in India

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Hello BGMI fans! Finally BGMI 3.0 update release date and time in India

Trying out BGMI for the first time? 
Worry not, we’ve got amazing rewards, great training practices, and what’s more, India’s biggest cricket star Hardik Pandya is joining in the fun. Are you up for it?

Shadow Force Theme Mode

Be like a Samurai in the Shadow Force Mode!

Explore the magic in new theme mode that introduces a new melee weapon samurai sword that comes with the ability to block bullets is a must for sure, clone summoning device, grappling hook that works like a web shooter which will give you super abilities to beat your enemies and remodeled areas in map to provide a new combat experience

Wait, there is more! This Valentine’s hop onto the two-player bicycle and get mesmerized by special effects! It’s a wonderland of fun, action, and surprises!

Play & Win

Epic Rewards for epic missions! Yes, you heard it right. We have got amazing Rewards for playing games and completing your favorite missions in BATTLEGROUNDS. Step into the love-filled BATTLEGROUNDS and win special rewards from Valentine’s Day Events!

Cricket 33 Crate – Haalo Re Haalo!

Blitz away your enemies with the Hardik Blitz outfit. Celebrate your victories with Saras Sway and the Dhamaka Dance!

Gold Spin – Grab them all before they are gone! The Shadow Altar Spin is here and the Shinobi Kami M416 skin is bound to blow your enemies away!

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Wear Your Cred and Don’t Be Default with RPA 4

BGMI 3.0 Update Now

The all-new Snowfall Supreme themed Royale Pass A4 is here, power-packed with amazing rewards for you to claim. You’ll also be able to snatch the Cryptic Hunter Set, upgradable Panthera Prime DBS and Set with an exclusive Victory Dance!

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of quick, thrilling fun events inside the game! Time to jump in BGMI and claim your glory. 

Why wait? Jump in now and show your skills to your squad!

Remember- on the path to becoming a BATTLEGROUNDS champion, it doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a pro. All it takes is grit and passion. 

What are you still doing here? Jump into the BATTLEGROUNDS and play with your squad today! 

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These are some of the features in the new BGMI 3.0 update:

  • Katana or Machete Sword.
  • Healing update (driver of the vehicle can use healing supplies while driving).
  • Bullet penetration (if an enemy is standing behind another both of them will receive damage when bullets are fired at them, unlike in the previous updates where the enemy standing behind did not receive any damage).
  • New Recall Island.

Version 3.0.0

Updated on Jan 3, 2024

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