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Top 5 Cool Android App 2019

Moon Atlas 3D

High resolution Moon maps, over 8000 craters, lunar landing sites and more


– high resolution Moon surface map
– over 8000 craters
– Lunar 100 objects with links to wikipedia
– Lunar landing sites
– current lunar phase display
– Albedo mode to even light over the surface
– Orbit and Telescope mode
– rotate by 180 deg for Newton telescope users
– find craters

Mechanical Engineering

✴This Mechanical Engineering App is the One Stop Solution for All Mechanical Engineering Needs,It Contains Various Important Mechanical Engineering Concepts.✴

►The Aim of this App is to Motivate Engineering Students and Professionals across the World into Learning All Important Concepts of Engineering.

☆ This App Covers 39 Mechanical Subjects in Detail with 3000+ topics, which is useful for all mechanical engineering students as well as mechanical professionals.

☆This is very useful for people who are preparing for Competitive Exams and Job Interviews as well.

❰ Not Only Mechanical Engineers get benefit from this App Other Fields like Electrical Engineering,Civil Engineering,Production Engineering,Manufacturing Engineering,Automobile Engineering,Materials Engineering,Instrumentation Engineering,Mechatronics Engineering,Robotics Engineering,Nano Technology,Structural Engineering,Piping Engineering,Powerplant Engineering,Petroleum Engineering,Petrochemical Engineering,Aerospace Engineering,Architectural Engineering,Network Engineering,Railway Engineering,Marine Engineering,Chemical Engineering,Textile Engineering,Polymer Technology,Plastic Technology, Physics Students,Chemistry Students and related field students.❱

【Categories Given】

❏ General Concepts
❏ Welding Processes
❏ Manufacturing Processes
❏ Hydraulic Machines
❏ Thermodynamics
❏ Engineering Materials
❏ Engineering Mechanics
❏ Industrial Engineering & Production Management
❏ I.C Engines
❏ Hydraulics & Fluid Mechanics
❏ System Principles
❏ Machine Design
❏ Strength of Materials
❏ Automobile Engineering
❏ Power Plant Engineering
❏ Engineering Drawing
❏ Machine Design II
❏ Theory of Machines
❏ Disaster Management
❏ Entrepreneurship Development
❏ Graphene Trends & Developments
❏ Nano Machines
❏ Nanoparticles
❏ Quantum Dots
❏ Robo Ethics
❏ New Trends in Technologies
❏ Emerging Pollutants
❏ Reliability for Engineers
❏ Thermal Turbo Machines
❏ Fundamentals of Nanoscience
❏ Computer Integrated Manufacturing
❏ Total Quality Management
❏ Engineering Physics
❏ Petroleum Engineering
❏ Piping Engineering
❏ Non Destructive Testing Basics

Few Important Concepts covered in this App are Listed Below

⇢2 stroke and 4 stroke Engine
⇢Super chargers
⇢Mechanical Forces
⇢Types of Loads
⇢Air-cooling System
⇢Internal Combustion Engines
⇢Heat Treatment Processes
⇢Types of fluids
⇢Kennedy’s,Varignon’s,Lami’s Theorem
⇢Fluid Mechanics
⇢Welding and Types
⇢Pattern and Their Types
⇢Airplane Parts and their Function
⇢Cutting Tools
⇢Heat Exchangers:
⇢Types of fluids
⇢Linear Actuators
⇢Glass Fiber and Its Manufacturing
⇢Industrial Engineering
⇢Modes of Heat Transfer
⇢Reynolds Number
⇢Fuel Cell
⇢Engineering Materials
⇢Rolling Types
⇢Classification of Gears
⇢Types of Magnets
⇢Hydroelectric Power Plant and Its Layout
⇢Nuclear Power Plant
⇢Laws of Friction
⇢Classification of Automobiles
⇢Gas Turbine
⇢Thermodynamic Equilibrium
⇢Turbine and Types
⇢Pascal’s Law
⇢Laws of Thermodynamics
⇢Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion
⇢Newton’s Laws of Motion
⇢Gas & Grashof’s Laws
⇢Super Alloys
⇢Mechanical Properties of Metals
⇢Cutting Fluids
⇢Centrifugal Pumps
⇢Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)
⇢Model Testing and Similarity of Pumps
⇢Reciprocating Pump
⇢Air Vessels
⇢Miscellaneous Hydraulic Machines
⇢Thermodynamic System
⇢Properties of a System
⇢Thermal Equilibrium
⇢Laws of Perfect Gases
⇢General Gas Equation
⇢Characteristic Equation of a Gas
⇢Joule’s Law
⇢Avogadro’s Law
⇢Universal Gas Constant
⇢Dimensionless Numbers
⇢Essential Software skills
⇢Liquid Nitrogen Plant
⇢Machine Design.
⇢Stoichiometric Air-Fuel Ratio .
⇢Threaded Metal Jointers .
⇢Skills for Metal Riveting .
⇢Calculation Methods for Pulley Systems .
⇢Magnetic Levitation
and much more ✫ ➻


Print Photo – Customize Mobile Cover, T-Shirt, Mug

Customize Mobile Cover – Phone Case Maker now we support customize phone case, customize mug, personalize keychains, personalize photo frames, crystal keychains, personalize stone photo frame, personalize mouse pad, personalize sipper bottle, personalize awards, personalize glass photo frame, personalize photo plates, wall decor photo frame, 3d photo frame, wall clock photo frame, customize t-shirt, pillow cover. Print Photo is an innovative custom printing online store that enables people to design and order customized mobile covers for any smartphone. You have to know the type and usefulness first so that the selected casing according to the smartphone and needs. But you do not need to worry because the application print photo is mobile casing design will make it easier for you to determine the right choice. Customized covers are available almost all mobile models available in India. We offer 3D printed mobile covers for all mobile cover cases.

Features of Customize Mobile Cover – Phone Case Maker:

# Upload any picture you want printing on your product directly from the app
# Many mobile covers available
# Add stickers with suitable photos
# Adjust image freely with the advanced photo editing tool
# More payment options
# Easier checkout

You can decorate personalize phone case or personalize mug for magic mug, white mug, red mug, plastic mug, heart mug, tea cup and customize keychains for apple keychain, fancy keychain, oval keychain, square keychain, round keychain, rectangle keychain, guitar keychain and customize photo frames for all MDF plaque custom photo frames or customize crystal keychains for octa keychain, diamond keychain, leaf keychain with your image and create personalized products.

Print Photo customized personalized photo printed for using these girls and boys t-shirt photo editor user can choose his choice of t-shirt and picture also she can place it on top of the customize t-shirt. A user can select the photos of their choice and mousepad and then adjust the image using pan and zoom. Create a keychain photo frame with your photos and your loved ones and share them with friends and family to show off your love with keychain frames. Customize mobile cover – Phone case maker is hot coffee mugs photo frames have many coffee mug background to edit your photo and make love frames. Designing your own pillowcase has become easier and more fun with

Personalized gifts app will be taken care of by our team. Decorate ordinary free custom tshirt design, customized ordering, make phone case to make your own phone case is online photo printing app, phone case designer, custom mobile cover, custom t shirt, customized mug, customise keychains, customize phone cases, customize phone covers, how to make phone cover, daily orders mobile app, creative keychains, personalize crystal keychains, customize stone photo frame, customize sipper bottle for white sipper bottle, personalize awards, customise phone case, customise mouse pad, personalize t-shirt, customise pillow cover, phone covers shopping app these amazing frames and make it more attractive and special phone case maker app.

Customize mobile cover – Phone case maker a mobile cover photo editor is mobile cover online shopping is mobile cover print with cover photo maker on mobile back cover photo app for cover print, cover photo print or phone cover photo for mobile cover photo editor is a print photo on mobile cover. This is photo phone case is custom iPhone cases to designer phone cases is personalized phone case for create phone cases and online phone covers or online mug printing app to photo mug, custom mug or coffee mug printing for print t-shirt, t-shirt printing app or keychain photo frame, custom keychain, phone case photo and personalized mobile case, mobile case photo or photo covers with photo printed t-shirt or printed 3d photo mobile case.

Download and give us a review of Customize Mobile Cover – Phone Case Maker.

Lunar Mission

Test your piloting skills from wide open spaces to narrow caves
Simple & intuitive Touch Controls
3 unique spaceships with their pros and cons
Online Leaderboards to compare your best times
31 levels but more to come !



Light Wave Free

Abstract live wallpaper from colorful waves, shiny rainbow and northern lights
This 3d colors wallpaper can display as abstract colorful waves, bright color rainbow, aurora borealis or northern lights wallpapers, merry dancers wallpapers. Abstract live wallpaper similar to the peacock’s tail and a shine rainbow. Having picked up setting color schemes by selecting the type of wave and the level of shine, you can get Christmas tree, decorated with bright lights. According to your taste, you can choose the color wallpaper, choose the type of waves (they create the image), adjust the height and width of the wave, set the amount of shine, choose the speed of the animation for live wallpaper. Waves touch wallpaper.
It all depends on your imagination. There is much to see in this abstract images, live wallpaper settings will help spur your imagination. There is also a 3d parallax effect. Wallpapers responds to touch, you can tilt and rotate the image by swiping your finger across the screen.
To use : home->menu->wallpapers->live wallpapers->Light Wave




Saiyed Irfan

Irfan Saiyed, the founder of @ItechIrfan, has become a notable figure in the tech segment on YouTube, with an impressive subscriber base of 1.82 million and counting. Based in Bharuch, Gujarat, India, Irfan was born on 6th July 1986 and has established himself as a trusted voice in the world of technology.

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