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10 Most Expensive Android Apps in the world

Dr.Web Security Space Life

Complex protection from all kinds of threats for mobile devices, Anti-virus for TV sets, media players, and game consoles based on Android TV with a “lifetime” support.

Use Dr.Web Security Space for Android for free with the purchase of Dr.Web Security Space or Dr.Web Anti-virus for PC/Mac.

Features and Advantages

• Quick and full file system scanning; scanning of individual files and folders upon a request.
• Real-time scanning of a file system.
• Unlocking of data from ransomware Trojans and data safety with no need to pay a ransom to cybercriminals. Even when a phone is fully blocked, even by blockers unknown to the Dr.Web virus databases.
• Detection of new, unknown malicious programs using the unique Origins Tracing™ technology.
• Moving of detected threats to the quarantine; restoration of files.
• Password protection of the Anti-virus settings and access to applications
• Minimal load on the operating system.
• Discreet use of battery resources.
• Traffic saving due to a small size of the virus database updates.
• Detailed statistics.
A convenient and informative widget on a device home screen.

G-CORE Green Caddy Golf World

G-CORE Green Caddy is full featured GPS Golf Range Finder with graphical view. You can download all courses in worldwide.

*Auto Searching *Select Course *Preview Course
*Download Course
– Select By Area, Select Nearby Location, Request New Course, Check Updated Maps
*Advance Functions
– My Club Distance, View Average Distance, View Record, Course Recording, Measure Distance, GPS Information, Program Information

*Target Point *Camera *Meter/Yard *Left/Right Green
*Select/Modify Club *Scorecard/Input Score *Select Hole
*Mark Position – Measure Driving Distance
*Hole Note *Course Information *Check Green Slope
*Adjust Hole *Set pin *Check Pin Distance
*Select Result Mode – Auto/Manual

1. Turn-on the GPS.
2. At first installed there is no course maps, please download course maps.
3. Read first the Help – Main Menu Help, Advance Menu Help, Play Menu Help, Play Screen Help.

5-Minute Sports Medicine

5-Minute Sports Medicine Consult (5MSMC) delivers fast, to-the-point guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of sports-related medical problems seen in everyday practice on mobile devices. This clinically-oriented resource includes more than 280 topics arranged in the proven “5-Minute” format to help you quickly diagnose, treat, and monitor sports-related problems. Each entry is thorough, yet concise, making this resource ideal for primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, athletic trainers, and orthopedists.

The latest edition was developed with The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) for the latest, high quality content and includes new chapters, expanded physical therapy information, new information on pre-participation physicals, and new topics on general medicine.

The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine

The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine is enhanced by an unsurpassed collection of more than 2,000 high-quality clinical, morphologic, laboratory, and radiological images that represent the signs of the disorders you will most often encounter in everyday practice. This app enables fast and accurate visual diagnosis of more than 200 internal medicine conditions.

This beautiful full-color resource delivers everything practicing internists want and need in an atlas. The book features a strong visual approach, the use of introductory cases in all chapters, complete patient management guidance through concise synoptic text, and the inclusion of evidence grades for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine utilizes a consistent chapter organization that includes:
• Patient Story
• Epidemiology
• Etiology/Pathophysiology
• Diagnosis
• Differential Diagnosis
• Management
• Prognosis
• Follow Up
• Patient Education

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics

This Elsevier app-book,Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 20th Edition, is developed by MedHand Mobile Libraries. Improve your performance with relevant, valid material which is accessed quickly and with minimal effort in the palm of your hand using MedHand’s patented technology.

THIS APP BOOK includes unique functions such as:

• A powerful search
• Bookmarks
• Complete set of medical calculators; Body Mass Index, Peak Expiratory Flows, Dehydration Correction Calculator and more
• Highlighting
• High resolution pictures
• History
• Notes and picture notes

Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery, 11th Ed

This Wiley – Blackwell source of information is developed by MedHand Mobile Libraries

Gynaecological surgery invades the patient′s essence. This places great demands on the surgeon to learn and use skillful, sensitive techniques with the aim of minimizing patient discomfort. Victor Bonney pioneered the art of gentle gynaecological surgery over a century ago. But still today, with the use of laparoscopy and other minimal access procedures, sensitivity to the patient′s predicament remain paramount requirements of the gynaecological surgeon.

The 11th edition of Bonney′s Gynaecological Surgery maintains the emphasis on sound technique and the development of good surgical habits. It brings these principles into the 21st Century by including new diagrams to demonstrate the use of modern instruments and procedures. Laparoscopic techniques complement traditional open approaches.

Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgical Operations, 10/E

The classic surgical atlas, more comprehensive than ever!

For more than half-a-century, Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgical Operations has been the gold-standard reference for learning howto perform the most common surgical procedures using safe, well-established techniques. The tenth edition continues this tradition of excellence. The atlas covers gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pancreatic, vascular, gynecologic, and additional procedures, including hernia repair, vascular access, breast procedures, sentinel lymph node biopsy,thyroidectomy, and many more. The illustrations in this atlas have withstood the test of time. They allow you to visualize both the anatomy and the operation, making the book useful as a refresher or for learning the steps of a particular procedure.

Most Expensive Ball Game

Very addictive hyper casual game, but with little twist. It is most expensive on Google Play.

How to play :
💰 Tap the screen to accelerate the oscillating particle and avoid the obstacles!

Why so expensive?
💰 We believe that expensive games is the thing today. If you have this game on your phone you can be sure that your friends does not have it, so you can be proud of that and flex.💸

I’m Rich (most expensive app)

Buy this app to show that you’re rich and…. that’s all. Show that you are rich enough just to buy an app that only display “I’m richhhh” text. Show off to your friend if you wish.

I am Rich Plus

The most expensive app on Play Store! Made to solve your problems in life!

This app is the definite proof that you are really rich and can buy just about anything you want!

Feeling hungry? Low? Abandoned? Lonely? Betrayed? Jealous? Miserable? Sad? Hopeless? and most importantly: poor? Don’t worry! Your days of suffering are finally over! With this life changing app you can fix your entire life forever!

The official version of the I Am Rich app on play store. Pure RICHNESS.

Are you rich enough to buy anything?

*This app only acts as a symbol of richness

If you are searching for the costliest application for your precious device, you are landed on the correct destination. We all know in the last few couples of years Android market has expanded at an enormous rate, no need to tell, why? There are more than 2 million apps for the Android platform. 45% of them are free to use and the rest of them cost you between $1 and $3 average.
There are a few apps on Play Store which are rarely installed by the user. This is not because they are useless; the reason is their price tag. However, you might find some of them nothing more than a crap.

Saiyed Irfan

Irfan Saiyed, the founder of @ItechIrfan, has become a notable figure in the tech segment on YouTube, with an impressive subscriber base of 1.82 million and counting. Based in Bharuch, Gujarat, India, Irfan was born on 6th July 1986 and has established himself as a trusted voice in the world of technology.

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