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how to increase internet speed

Internet Blocker


Blocking the INTERNET can help:

★ save your battery
★ reduce your data usage
★ increase your privacy


★ Simple to use
★ No root required
★ Support android

some tips

How to restrict apps from using the internet on smartphones with Android 9 Pie or newer

If you have a relatively new smartphone with Android 9 Pie (or newer) on it, the operating system offers you the tools you need for the job. First, open Settings and go to Wireless & networks.

How do you block Internet sites?
How to Block Any Website On Your Android Phone
  1. Install ES File Explorer. …
  2. In this folder, you’ll see the file named hosts – tap it and in the pop up menu, tap text. …
  3. Tap the edit button in the top bar.
  4. Now, you’re editing the file, and to block sites, you want to redirect their DNS. …
  5. Reboot your Android device.
How do I block a website from my router?
To block internet sites:
  1. Launch an internet browser from a computer or wireless device that is connected to the network.
  2. You are prompted to enter a username and password. …
  3. Click ADVANCED > Security > Block Sites.
  4. Select one of the Keyword Blocking options:
Internet Blocker
Internet Blocker
Developer: superappsdev
Price: Free
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  • Internet Blocker Screenshot
  • Internet Blocker Screenshot
  • Internet Blocker Screenshot


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