how to set google maps on smartphone Screen like screen saver

Skyline is a Live Wallpaper with downloadable 3D world terrain data. Please join the 2.0 beta at the bottom of Google Play detail page, it’s a complete rewrite, thanks!


1/ World Wide 3D Terrain Via Mapbox
Input your dream location name or coordinate and you are set.

2/ Scene Shift
Animated when unlocking your phone or swipes on your launcher pages.

3/ Parallax Effect
Have a sense of depth by rotating your phone.

4/ System UI Theme Support
On Oreo 8.1 and later version of Android, system UI theme will change based on current terrain color.


1/ Automatic GPS following feature is in 2.0 beta, stay tuned!

2/ The satellite imagery in Skyline may be out-dated (as this app using Mapbox service).

3/ If you can’t see the rotate animation when scrolling across the launcher pages (like using the TouchWiz launcher from Samsung), you can try Nova / Action launcher as some other launchers do not support the scrolling API, thanks for the support!



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