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FIX Mobile Yellow Screen just 1 click

FIX Mobile Yellow Screen just 1 click

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OLED Saver for Android is a saver app Depeloped as screens app it is specially designed to give you an unique brightness experience. It’s this reduced current that can make your screen seem to pulse or flicker.This application solves these AMOLED problems by replacing the system functions for automatic brightness adjustment, which dims the pixels displayed on the screen without having to reduce the current flowing through them.

If you have an Android phone with an AMOLED screen, you may have noticed that the screen flickers when you lower the brightness. This can be annoying, especially in low-light conditions.

The OLED Saver app solves this problem by reducing the brightness of the screen below a certain threshold. This threshold is adjustable, so you can find the perfect setting for your phone.

In addition to solving the flickering problem, the OLED Saver app also extends the life of your phone’s battery. Since the screen uses less power when it’s dimmer, you’ll get more hours of use out of your phone between charges.

Whether you’re looking to extend your battery life or simply reduce the flickering of your screen, the OLED Saver app is a must-have for any Android user with an AMOLED screen.

Why is my phone screen turning yellow?
Cause: When Eye Comfort is enabled, your phone screen automatically adjusts its color temperature based on the ambient light. Frequent ambient lighting changes, such as when you change the way you hold your phone in an indoor or dim environment, may give the screen a slightly yellow or white hue.

How do I fix yellow screen?
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How can I fix yellow display issues in Windows 10?
Switch off the night light setting.
Update the graphics card driver.
Add a new default color profile.
Adjust the color enhancement settings.
Check the VDU’s OSD color settings

What colour screen is best for eyes?
The consensus is that the “non-colours”, white and black, and the colours yellow, green, and orange are generally most acceptable. These colours (yellow, green, orange) are in the middle of the visible spectrum (the range of colours that our eyes can detect) and are the easiest for the eye to see.



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