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NOTE: DreamWorks Dragons AR is designed to work alongside either the book DreamWorks Dragons Come to Life! or the book How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, available here:

If you don’t own a copy of the book, you can download a free sample trigger in the app to try out the experience for yourself. Tap FREE TRIAL on the home screen to save a PDF to your Android device.

Are you ready to bring dragons to life before your eyes? Download the Augmented Reality app to let loose DreamWorks Dragons and riders into your world!


• Fly a life-size Toothless around, try your hand at training Stormfly and take control of the fiery Hookfang.

• Activate 5 dragon and riders: Toothless and Hiccup, Stormfly and Astrid, Meatlug and Fishlegs and Hookfang and Snotlout. Use the controls in the app to “supersize” the dragons or rotate and view them in awesome 3D.

• Pose with your favourite dragons for unbelievable photos.

• Discover more facts and stats about each dragon.

How it works:
To see the AR sequences in action, look for one of the triggers.
Launch the app and point your device’s camera at the page to kick off the Augmented Reality action.

This FREE app is available to anyone with a compatible smartphone or tablet with both forward- and backward-facing cameras using Android 4.0 and above, and ARMv7 NEON processors. INTEL Atom based devices are not officially supported.


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