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amazing color changing live wallpaper app for free

Chameleon Color Changing Live Wallpaper FREE


Set it as the live wallpaper, launch the app, and point and shoot object with your phone camera. Chameleon will analyze the subject and change colors automatically – just like Chameleon!

Not just one colour – the app will pick couple most popular and vibrant colours of the scene and will smoothly apply it to your material design styled background.
See the amazing effect on the video.

Impress your friend with live wallpaper they have never seen before.

Don’t worry about the battery usage – the app is highly optimised and beside real time colour adapting offers also a double tap to grab the colours feature to make it even more battery friendly

* double click homescreen or widget to adapt the colours
* battery friendly double-tap to adapt colour feature
* camera colours picker widget included
* smooth animations
* show camera preview feature to see how your camera is grabbing the colours
* no shadows mode for super flat material design
* Fast and smooth real 3D animations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0)
* Super Low battery consumption
* All screen sizes support for Mobile Phones, Tablets and Smart TV’s with Android.
* HD resolution textures
* It’s 100% ad-free! And No unnecessary permissions required

How to set “Chameleon Color Changing Live Wallpaper FREE”:
On the home screen of your phone ? Menu ? Wallpapers ? Live Wallpapers? Select Color Changing LWP”

If you like our live wallpaper, please rate us; which encourages us to create more live wallpapers for you 🙂



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