Meet My New Friend (Adventure tour)

Summon a grizzly on your backyard, or a cute rabbit in your living room, or try something cool like a scorpion on your hand…

Have fun with wild animals in your backyard, living room or even on a table top. Watch and learn its actions and sounds, record and share amazing moments.


Wildlife AR is an Augmented Reality app using ARCore that can summon different species of animals, birds, reptiles, insects, fish and more in real size.
Observe the creatures, watch their actions and sounds they make.

You can even record a video with multiple creatures in action.

Features of Wildlife AR – ARCore:
• Control the movement of creatures by tapping on the ground
• Scale, Rotate and Translate according to your preference.
• 23 different species each with its own unique movements.
• Realistic lighting with shadows.

• Reflections of real world on animals like fire salamander and frog

Wildlife Augmented Reality app is supported only on ARcore compatible devices.
ARCore is supported only on few devices currently.

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